Like you, Moreno Valley is my home and not just a place I live. As your representative on the city council I will work to ensure that our quality of life is safe and affordable and provides opportunities for our residents to live and work within our community.

Safe and Healthy Communities

Safe neighborhoods are essential to living a vibrant and healthly life. On the city council I will support all initiatives that support this belief, by lobbying for the addition of increased public safety.

Economic Development

We need to ensure that Moreno Valley is a place where businesses are welcomed.  By attracting both small and large businesses, we can assure that our residents will be able to work within the city, cutting down on traffic and pollution and proving a great quality of life for our community.

Strategies on Traffic Improvement

As the Chairperson of the Traffic Commission, I have advocated for additional funding for our streets and freeway in order to ease congestion.  When elected I will work with leaders in Sacramento and Washington to help improve congestion on the 60-215 interchange.


Carla Thornton for Moreno Valley City Council, District 2